Coco Sweet had a dream.  She wanted to one day have her very own bakery.  Coco loved to bake and prepare desserts since she was twelve years old.  Coco as a child learned that her brain worked differently than other kids her age.  She had the innate ability to make her ideas connect and make her visions come to fruition.  Coco was innovative, creative, and a true visionary.  At the age of twelve, she created a recipe from scratch.  Her recipe lead to the development of the MooMoo.  The MooMoo, a delectable treat that integrated cherries, chocolate, and an excellent mix of sugars, revolutionized the world of sweet desserts.  The MooMoo was only the beginning for Coco. Through the next few years, Coco continued to tinker and toy with dessert recipes combining delicious fruits and tasty ingredients that induced more desserts like Wibbles, Frazzles, Swirvles, and Yapples.

Coco's Dream
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