As Biatudu sped his way to Windmontley Castle, he had one thing in mind- get to his lair. Biatudu's lair was well within the depths of the castle. His lair is where he protected not only himself but also his prized treasures. When Biatudu circumnavigated his way into his lair, the drawbridge to Windmontley was left open. TriggerFire bent the throttle into the castle opening. Theofania exited her speedy mare and immediately began to search for the sequestered lair.


Biatudu's Lair
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      Theofania approached a door with a chest in front of the entrance. This had to be Biatudu's lair. The chest, oddly placed, must be a trap of some sort. There was an inscription on the top of the chest. The etching stated, "KEY INSIDE." Theofania imperceptibly attempted to open the chest. The chest would not open. She then slowly lifted the front end of the chest to take a look underneath the chest. Theofania noticed some form of a trigger. Therefore, she quickly placed the chest back down. Theofania assumed that she had to get the chest open, but she was fearful of just using her sword to break it open. She thought it would somehow set the trigger off and put something horrible into motion. Surely this is what transpired with the lackluster efforts from all the gallant knights before her. Theofania came up with an idea. She thought maybe if she could get another chest the same size to the original, she might be able to expeditiously slide the chest with the key inside and replace it with the other without setting off the trigger. But where to find a chest?


Biatudu's Lair
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