Lala anxiously awaited her opportunity to compete at the Men's Championship Qualifier. Lala, a fiery competitor, was not merely there to be a sideshow but was determined to compete at the highest level to qualify for the Men's Championship in Santa Monica, California. To be eligible for the Men's Championship, Lala would need to finish in the top three. Finishing in the top three would be an arduous task because the course at Woodlock Country Club can be quite formidable. Before examining Lala's performance at the qualifier, a review on how to score a round of golf accurately will serve to be beneficial before you complete the task below.


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       Woodlock Country Club Golf Course is a Par 72 for a round of 18 holes.  The Men's Championship Qualifier consists of two rounds (36 holes).  Therefore, par for this Championship Qualifier is 144 strokes (Par 72 for Round 1 and Par 72 for Round 2).  Remember par is the number of strokes it should take a golfer to complete a hole or round.  To that end, for a golfer to make par for this Championship Qualifier, a score of 144 strokes must be attained.  If a golfer has less than 144 strokes to complete both rounds, he/she would be "under par."  If a golfer has more than 144 strokes to finish both rounds, he/she would be considered "over par."  Remember, the primary objective for each golfer is to ascertain the lowest score possible.  So yes, a total score in the negatives is a good thing!


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