Biatudu wreaked havoc on many of the villages during the time Biatudu's behemothic stature instilled fear throughout the land as villages dissipated one by one. Valiant knights made numerous attempts to stop Biatudu with no avail. As Biatudu made his way through the villages, his next stop was the Village of Falconworth.


Dragons & Falconworth
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        The Village of Falconworth was mainly comprised of peasants, serfs, freeman and villiens. The most important buildings of Falconworth were the parish church, parsonage, the mill, and blacksmith's shop. The Village of Falconworth inhabited roughly one-hundred people. Most of the dwellings were small thatched-roofed, one room, and grouped in "The Green." The great people of Falconworth were very self-sufficient. They produced everything they required at home, mainly to avoid the expense of trade. The community of hard workers led a comfortable existence except when crops failed. Falconworth's people enjoyed their work in the fields and playing sports on the Village Green.


Dragons & Falconworth
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