With consternation growing within the Village of Falconworth, a plan of defense needed to be developed. The people of Falconworth needed something or someone to help with the cessation of Biatudu's dominance. Falconworth did not know that one of the greatest warriors of the Middle Ages was among its people. This is where the legend of Theofania begins. Theofania the Dragonslayer, as (she became known), would be the heroine for the Village of Falconworth. Theofania was the daughter of Owen the Invincible. Owen was a legendary warrior of the Wars of Slifyhr. During the wars, Owen secretly sent Theofania to the Village of Falconworth for her protection. Unfortunately, Owen the Invincible was not so invincible as he lost his life during the ensanguined battles. Following Owen's demise, Theofania remained in Falconworth. The people of the village unaware of the bloodlines, never expected she would be the one to keep peace and prosperity in Falconworth.


A Plan of Defense
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      With Biatudu looming, Theofania wanted to develop a plan to protect Falconworth. The future heroine perplexed on how to stop a dragon, sketched out a diagram of the perimeter of the village. Theofania brainstormed and knew the perimeter needed protection. But how?


A Plan of Defense
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