After a year of saving, Terry was anxiously awaiting to make his purchase. Since the debut of the E5  Gaming System, stores were having a terrible time meeting the customer demand.   He heard that The Game Station had a few in stock, but quickly sold out.  Terry was completely flabbergasted at the fact that he could not get his hands on the popular item.  Incredulous that anything could be so difficult to find, he decided to peruse all the video game websites on the Internet.  He learned that The Game Depot was  getting a shipment of the E5 and it would be available for purchase that day!  Terry quickly phoned the store to confirm the information he discovered was valid.


Hailing a Cab: Paragraph 1
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      Once Terry received confirmation, he rapidly gathered his belongings and headed to The Game Depot on Fourth Street. Terry left his apartment and hailed a taxicab in pursuit of the highly regarded must-have video game console.


Hailing a Cab: Paragraph 2
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There are two taxi-cab companies Terry can choose from.  He can choose between Super Taxi and Relaxi-Taxi Cab services.   Below you can find how each cab charges for their services.

Super Taxi:  Flat rate of $ 4.00 and $2.50 per mile

Relaxi Taxi:  Flat rate of $6.00 and $1.50 per mile

Credit: F R I E N D S (1998)

  • If The Game Depot is 2.75 miles away from Terry's apartment, which cab service should he select?  Explain the strategy you utilized to ascertain your solution.   

  • How many miles would Terry have to travel in the taxicab for the cost to be the same regardless of which service he selects? Describe the strategy you utilized to arrive at this determination. 

  • Describe how Terry could use systems of equations to help him determine which taxicab service he should select.

  • Explain another strategy that you could utilize to determine which taxicab service Terry should select. What strategy do you feel is more effective?


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