Before Terry left his apartment he printed out a 15% off your entire purchase coupon from The Game Depot website. When Terry arrived at The Game Depot, he was ecstatic to learn that there was one E5 gaming console left in stock!  Although there was an E5 available, Terry was surprised to learn that Syclon raised the price to $549.  He feared that with the raise in price he would not be able to purchase the newly released Cyber Troopers: Robot Wars, a highly touted Syclon game with a selling price of $49.99.


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  • If Syclon released the E5 at $499 and then marked up the price to $549, what was the percent increase of the gaming console?  Describe how to determine the percent increase of the E5.

  • What would be the total cost if Terry purchases the E5 and Cyber Troopers: Robot Wars, if Terry applies the 15% discount to his total? Do not omit the 7% sales tax.

When Terry was speaking to the sales associate at The Game Depot, he was asked if he would be interested in becoming a rewards member.  


If Terry signed up to become a rewards member, he would be able to save an additional 10% off the already reduced price.  



  • Terry assumed that if he received an additional 10% off the already reduced price which included a 15% reduction, he would actually be receiving a 25% discount.  Is Terry's assumption correct?  Why or why not?


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