After Terry purchased the E2 game console, he left The Game Depot and attempted to hail down another taxicab to get back to his apartment.  This was an arduous task so Terry made a decision to begin walking.  He walked a 1/4 mile and then spotted a taxicab from the same company he traveled with to The Game Depot.  Terry was able to ride in the taxi for the remaining distance back to his apartment.


Finally! - Paragraph 1
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  • How much did Terry pay in taxicab fares for both trips combined? (Round to the nearest penny)? 

  • If Terry wanted to tip the driver 20%, describe a strategy Terry could utilize to quickly estimate how much tip he could give the driver.  

     Terry arrived at his apartment and he quickly unpacked his new gaming system and hooked up the E5 to his 75" 5K QLED television.  Before Terry could begin playing Cyber Troopers: Robot Wars, he had to update the system.  The system update was a lengthy process and after fifteen minutes the update was only 20% complete.


Finally! - Paragraph 2
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  • If the update was 20% complete after 15 minutes, what percent of the update is complete every minute?  Explain the significance of knowing what percent of the update is completed every minute. 

  • Write an equation that represents the rate at which the system updates.  Is the relationship proportional?  Why or why not?   

  • How many more minutes will it take to complete the update?    

     After the update was installed, Terry was ready to complete the setup process.  Terry wanted to create a required access key to keep his little brother from using the system.  Only users that knew the required access key would be able to login and begin gaming.  The access key had to be 8 characters in length and consist of six letters and two numbers.


Finally! - Paragraph 3
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  • How many possible access keys can be created using the required specifications assuming repeats are allowed? How many if repeats are not allowed?

  • Do you think Terry's little brother could easily determine the access key and begin gaming?  Why or why not?


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