Now that you have made a decision on how you would package the K’DiDLHoPpErS, Mr. Bako wants you to create a design that could be the official packaging for the K’DiDLHoPpErS!  This will be a contest and maybe you will be the lucky winner!

The Packaging Contest
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  • The volume of the container must be 100 cubic centimeters or as close to 100 cubic centimeters as possible.

  • The container must be a rectangular prism or a cylinder.

  • The name K'DiDLHoPpErS must appear on the container.


  • The container must be visually appealing.  Design as if the product was to be displayed in a store.


Level 1:  What are problems (minimum of three) someone could encounter when trying to construct a cylinder and a rectangular prism that have the same volume?

Level 2:  Is trying to construct a package that is the most cost-effective always the best option to package a product?  Explain your reasoning.

Level 3:  Create a new and unusual way to package either the “Cubets” or the “K’DiDLHoPpErS”.


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