As Tretch approached a few miles outside of Zaslohiri, Lord Ghastly's radar acquired data that a ship was approaching the planet. Burrows surmised the unwelcomed visitor must be from the Jaspiobus and the mission inevitably about reclaiming the Kleptonic.  Burrows moved swiftly and increased the production of BurrowBots at a superfluous rate.  


Cloning BurrowBots
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Lord Burrows placed one BurrowBot in the cloning chamber and then proceeded to clone the BurrowBots by doubling the original BurrowBot. The process then continued to double the amount of cloned Bots that were produced each minute.

Cloning BurrowBots
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  • How many BurrowBots can Lord Ghastly manufacture in 20 minutes?

  • Complete the table of values to the right.

  • Graph the relationship between the amount of BurrowBots produced and time.

  • Evaluate the table of values and graph. Describe the relationship. Is the relationship linear? Explain how you arrived at your determination.  

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