As Tretch reached Zaslohiri, he quickly evaluated his radar and estimated how many BurrowBots were guarding the Southside of the planet.  Tretch feared the posted Bots would create an insurmountable obstacle getting to Lord Ghastly's Warhammer.  As Tretch made first sight with Zaslohiri, he knew the planet radar had picked up The Revenant, so quick action was required.  Tretch made a split decision and decided to utilize The Revenant's HyperAccelerator to get to the unguarded Northside of the planet. With a few moments to spare, he decided to hit the HyperAccelerator to zip his way to the Northside.  The HyperAccelerator allows The Revenant to travel faster than the speed of light.  The HyperAccelerator allowed Tretch to zoom from the Southside at a hypersonic rate and Zaslohiri's radar lost Tretch and his ship.  After the hyper-acceleration, Tretch circled his way and landed on the Northside of Zaslohiri.  Confounded by the streak across the sky, the BurrowBots assumed the light could not possibly be the enemy from Jaspiobus.  

The Revenant
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