As the timer whittled its way down close to zero, Tretch and Wiztasma finally put the last piece of the puzzle in place.  As the last piece went into place, the Kleptonic reappeared, and the main door opened.  Wiztasma quickly snatched the Kleptonic.  The duo had to hurry to get back to their ships and head back to Jaspiobus.  Tretch and Wiztasma made their way to their ships and quickly took flight to escape.  They had a short window to get through the BurrowShield.  The BurrowShield would create a barrier making it impossible for Tretch and Wiztasma to get away.  As the dynamic duo accelerated, they quickly noticed the Warhammer was close behind.

Race to Jaspiobus
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  • If the Revenant left a quarter of an hour before the Warhammer, traveling at a rate of 5,500,000 miles per hour and they have to travel 1,000,000 miles to get past the BurrowShield, would Tretch and Wiztasma escape the clutches of Lord Burrows?  Explain how you ascertained your solution.

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