Tretch's plan required to be one of precision and perfect execution.  He needed to land on Lord Ghastly Burrow's planet safely.  Once on Zaslohiri, Tretch would either need to evade the BurrowBots or find a way to combat the tough and resilient bots. Tretch put together his plan and headed off to Zaslohiri in the hope of recapturing the Kleptonic for the inhabitants of Jaspiobus.  


Tretch's Plan
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      Tretch knew that Lord Ghastly could produce BurrowBots at a rapid rate.  He was concerned about the quantity of BurrowBots he would encounter once he approached the perimeter of Zaslohiri.  Before Tretch's departure for Zaslohiri, he performed research and knew the BurrowBots were placed in two primary locations.  Tretch's research helped him determine that the Bots were on the Southside of Zaslohiri and at the main entrance of Lord Ghastly's spaceship The Warhammer.  Tretch's intel would serve him well but he still was uncertain how many BurrowBots he would have to evade or battle.


Tretch's Plan
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