You applied for a seasonal sales associate position at Teddy's Toy Box. After a tough interview, you accept the job, and your big debut will be on Black Friday. Teddy's Toy Box is one of the most successful small chain toy stores in the country. Their success stems from excellent customer service and every year they are one of the leaders in sales for all retail toy stores. Teddy's has an annual toy sale that is one of the most renowned sales extravaganzas in the country. They often achieve their quarterly sales mark during that one day sale. This year the highly regarded store made a decision to hold their sale on the day after Thanksgiving, commonly known as "Black Friday." 

Job Debut on Black Friday
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      Teddy's always has the elite toys for the holiday season and this year would be no different.  This year the top toy is "Giggy" the Dancing Robot.  Giggy is a Bluetooth portable speaker that will dance while it plays your music. Giggy's introductory Black Friday price is $125.

Job Debut on Black Friday
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Last year, Teddy's Toy Box brought in $125,000 on their one-day sale, making it one of the highest in store history. To get yourself acclimated to Teddy's sales numbers, answer the following questions on the next page about the sales.

Job Debut on Black Friday
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This year Teddy's Toy Box once again had a record day for sales on Black Friday. The sales from the new Giggy the Dancing Robot, allowed the store to enjoy a record-breaking day. Teddy's was able to make 130% of the total sales from the prior year's one day sale.

  • What was the total amount of sales for Teddy's Toy Box on that special one-day sale? Explain how you ascertained your solution.

This year Teddy's was also promoting the sale of a new video game, Paintball: Wrath of the Underground. The video game did not entirely produce the sales projected for that day. The game only produced 1/4% (one quarter of a percent) of the total sales for that day.

  • How much money did the video game generate towards the total sales for Teddy's on that day? Show all computation to justify your solution.

Teddy's Toy Box had a tremendous amount of stock left over from the previous year. Last year the hot ticket selling item was "Rexy" the Robotic Dog and sold for $50.00. This year "Rexy" was again on the shelves but was priced at $35.00.

  • What was the percent decrease for Rexy? Explain how you ascertained your solution.


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