Toying Around is a massive competitor for Teddy's Toy Box.  Toying Around is a unique toy store chain.  They sell everything from vintage handcrafted toys to the hottest new toys on the market.  Every year the two battle for toy supremacy and this year was no different.  Toying Around also had a huge day in sales and was on its way to establishing itself as the king of sales for the toy industry until they could not meet the demand for Giggy the Dancing Robot.  Toying Around only ordered 80% of the Giggys that Teddy's Toy Box ordered.

Toying Around
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  • If Giggy the Dancing Robot accounted for 20% of the total sales for Teddy's Toy Box and Teddy's sold each Giggy for $125.00, how many Giggy the Dancing robots did Teddy's have at the start of the day? Explain how you ascertained your solution.

  • If Toying Around only had 80% of the amount of Giggy's that Teddy's Toy Box acquired, how many Giggy's did Toying Around have in stock at the beginning of the sales day?


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