As you interviewed for the sales associate positions, Toying Around   asked the following question, "What strategy would you implement to increase the sales of Giggy the Dancing Robot?"  The manager of Toying Around was hopeful before the start of the holiday shopping season that Giggy would produce a high volume of sales. Unfortunately, the robot did not perform as well as Toying Around anticipated.

Designing a Marketing Plan
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Marketing is the activities of a company associated with buying and selling a product or service.  It includes advertising, selling, and delivering products and/or services to customers. Successful marketing of products normally stem from great marketing plans.  

Designing a Marketing Plan
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Product:  What type of product are you trying to promote?  What are the functions of this product?  Do other retail stores in the area sell this product?

Place:  Where will the day-to-day operations of the business be conducted?

Price:  What will be the cost of the product?  Will the price need to be lowered or raised as a part of your plan?

Promotion:  What method will be utilized to promote and advertise the product?  

Your task is to produce a marketing plan for Toying Around. Your plan must be focused on improving sales for Giggy the Dancing Robot.  The main focus of the plan should be the promotional aspect. You may create Internet advertisements, radio advertisements, television commercials etc. Be creative!


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