Hole 18. One putt remains, and it is a putt that could put her in the history books. She takes a deep breath. The golfing world awaits the putt anticipating a case of the "yips." The apprehensive look on the young golfer's face says it all. With one final deep breath, she putts. The ball precariously begins its path to the cup. As if it were in slow-motion, the golf ball starts to break towards the hole. It may have a chance! If this putt finds the cup, Lala Yeon Park will shock the world! The ball approaches and.......


Who Is Lala Yeon Park?
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      Lala Yeon Park, a nineteen-year-old Korean American golfer from Bergen County, New Jersey, fell in love with the game of golf at the young age of five.  Lala's family emigrated from Pocheon, South Korea in the 1970s.  Pocheon is an inland city in the far northeastern region of Gyeonggi province of South Korea.  Pocheon lies between Seoul and the mountainous northwestern areas of the Gangwon Province.  Lala's ancestors were rice and barley farmers.  Never did a family deep-rooted in  Korean customs and culture think their family would produce possibly the most exceptional golfer in the world!


Who is Lala Yeon Park?
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      Although Lala was born in the United States, her love for golf may stem from her Korean roots.  Golf in South Korea is a major tourist attraction in Asia and is a sought out vacation destination.  The eighteen hole sport has exploded in South Korea mainly due to low cost, popularity, and acceptance.  Golf in South Korea has become a forte of the women of the land, with many golfers in the professional ranks.  South Korea is also home to one of the world's most renown golf courses, Nine Bridges.  


Who is Lala Yeon Park?
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