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Brad Spicer





Instructional Designer


Marlaina Spicer

Director of


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THINKeMATICS is eternally grateful to Jaime Doldan for her continuous support, encouragement, and for her insightful, honest feedback through the duration of this project.  Jaime's invaluable guidance has and will continue to be a major driving force behind this project.

THINKeMATICS also is thankful for the support of the following:

  • Maryann Klaus, Center for Evidence Based Education- Princeton, NJ

  • Kristen Stewart, Pitman Middle School Principal- Pitman, NJ

  • Pitman Public School District- Pitman, NJ

  • David Lindenmuth, Educational Resources of New Jersey- Mullica Hill, NJ

  • Kelly Brown, Mathematics Teacher (Grade 6), Township of Franklin School District- Franklinville, NJ

  • Stefanie Collum, Pitman Middle School ELA Teacher- Pitman, NJ

  • Patrice Rowan, Pitman Middle School ELA Teacher- Pitman, NJ

  • Swedesboro-Woolwich School District- Woolwich Township, NJ

  • All of our THINKeMATICS friends and support family

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Over the last several years we have witnessed a change in all aspects of our lives.  A monumental shift in the way we communicate, conduct business, access information, and the use of technology has created a very different world for our students.  Today, our students must be prepared to be problem solvers, and the problems that these future professionals will be expected to solve will be more complex than ever.  We must not only prepare our students to be problem solvers, but we must convert them into critical thinkers.  Our students need to be able to think critically and be able to analyze and solve complex problems in real-world contexts.  They need to learn to work cooperatively in teams and small groups and find out how to demonstrate both written and verbal communication skills.  Our students need to learn to not only become conceptual learners and problem solvers, but they must portray a certain level of resiliency and perseverance along the way.  THINKeMATICS will help students become persevering problem solvers, critical thinkers and most importantly teach them the importance of reflection as a part of the ever-evolving learning process.  


I am a problem-based learning enthusiast.  As a middle school mathematics teacher for nineteen years, I have spent countless hours trying to improve my craft.  I am a family man and am very much in love with my wife Marlaina, and I also adore my boys Jaxson and Cameron.  I have earned three Master's Degrees in education from Wilmington University in the areas of Curriculum & Instruction, School Leadership, and Educational Technology.  This collection of tasks, THINKeMATICS, is designed to make our students become excellent problem solvers and critical thinkers.  THINKeMATICS is an intelligent integration of challenging authentic story tasks and mathematics. This collection will engage students and make students understand how mathematics plays a part in our everyday lives.  

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