Before Lala attempted to putt her way into the history books, she found herself reflecting on how she arrived at this monumental moment. Lala Yeon Park is the first Korean-American woman and first female to compete in a men's major golf tournament and make it to the final round.  


Golf Origins
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       Golf can be dated back to the 15th Century. Golf as we know it today originated from a game played on the Eastern Coast of Scotland. Players would hit a pebble with a primitive club or a "stick" on a natural course of sand dunes, "rabbit runs" and tracks.  Today the Scots are incredibly proud of their golfing heritage. In fact, many of their ancient golf courses continue to pull in thousands of visitors to the small country as they continue to play an integral role in the world of golf. Golfing in America dates back to 1743, where there was a shipping of 96 golf clubs and 432 balls delivered to the United States from Scotland.


Golf Origins
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      Today, golf is viewed primarily as a male-dominated sport, but women have been changing and developing the game since the 15th Century. Female golfers have been hitting the links since 1552, but first became a force in the United States in the 20th Century. Although women continue to grow as a force in the golf world, it has been challenging for women to break through in the Men's Championship Golf Tour. In fact, mixed-gender tournaments at the championship level  does not exist. 


Golf Origins
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