Although many hazards create concerns and caution for many divers, there are two divers from Fernandina, Florida, that throw all caution to the wind. Mitch "Mac" McCleary and Chanel Rodriguez of the Deep Sea Desperados, often find themselves testing the limits of the depths of the sea. Fernandina is a waterfront village nestled on the north side of Amelia Island. Fernandina is the birthplace of the modern shrimping industry, but has become well known for celebrating pirate culture. In fact, celebrating pirate culture has become a way of life, so it is not uncommon to see people dressed as swashbucklers just for the heck of it! In the 17th and 18th centuries, the destination of Fernandina Beach was a safe harbor for pirates. The port is among the deepest on the southeast coast of the United States, once allowing pirate galleons to enter even at low tides. Famed pirates Louis-Michel Aury, Captain Kidd and Jose Gasper have all inspired tales tied to Fernandina Beach (Travel, 2013). In one of the popular legends, a treasure is guarded by ghosts buried in the sea off the coast of Fernandina. The legend states the treasure is buried in the sea 100 meters (330 feet) down with the infamous sunken pirate ship, The Angry Fortune. 


Below Lies The Angry Fortune
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     The legend, as it has been told, states that anyone who attempts to retrieve the treasure from The Angry Fortune would anger the ghoulish protectors and perish deep within the darkness of the sea. A few divers have attempted to go within the depths of darkness, only to never surface again. The perished divers cultivated the growth of this legend making the sunken treasure and ship sacred ground on the coast of Fernandina Beach. The legend continued to grow as no diver tempted their fate again. 


Below Lies The Angry Fortune
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