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     The Deep Sea Desperados decided that it was time for a new challenge. This would be a challenge like no other! It was not the depth of the dive that was alarming, but the uncertainty of what they would find below. Could the legend possibly be true? Surely there were no ghosts on guard protecting The Angry Fortune. But the possibility was a little unnerving for the temerarious divers. After heavy contemplation, Chanel was able to coax Mac into taking on this apparitional adventure. After all, they were named the Deep Sea Desperados.  


Taking Inventory
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       Before the dive, Mac and Chanel had to go through and do an inventory check. Proper equipment is a must for deep-sea divers. Deep Sea scuba divers carry large volumes of breathing gas in diving cylinders. The ability to breathe is obviously a priority. After completing the inventory, The Desperados needed to purchase new high-pressure gauge hoses and adaptors. The divers are going to make their purchase through Below you will find the necessary information to complete your next task.


Taking Inventory
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