• What are the possible dimensions of pens that Linda could construct? Organize your findings in a table of values.The table will describe the relationship between the length of the pen and the total area. Graph the relationship. Let (x) represent the length and (y) represent the area. Describe the shape of the graph.

  • If Linda wants to construct a pen that has the largest area for Bruno to run and play, what should be the dimensions of this pen? Explain how you came to this conclusion.

After Linda purchased the fencing, she had some decisions to make. She knew she wanted to construct a rectangular pen for her Dog Bruno.  


Before Linda constructed the pen, she took a solid look at her backyard. In the backyard there was a barn that stored lawn equipment.  It was at this moment Linda had an idea. What if she used one side of the barn as a side of the dog pen and use the 72 feet of fencing to construct the other three sides?

The Rectangular Pen
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