• Construct a table that portrays the possible pens that Linda could construct using the barn as one side of the pen. Graph the relationship. Let (x) represent the length and (y) represent the area. Describe the shape of the graph. Why does the shape of the graph appear this way?

  • If Linda wants to construct a pen that has the largest space for Bruno to run and play, what should be the dimensions of this pen? Explain how you ascertained your answer.

  • Analyze the areas of the largest pen with the barn and without the barn. What do you notice? Will this always be true regardless of how much fencing Linda starts out with?  Explain.


  • Level One:  What is the rule for finding the rectangle that will produce the largest area when dealing with a fixed perimeter? Explain how you determined your rule. 


  • Level Two:  What is the "big idea" that you discovered while completing this performance task?


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