Now that you are familiar with the requisite skills, the graphic arts department wants you to design the official logo for the movie website advertising the World Premiere of Transmutant Flobots: Part 2.

Transmutant Flobots: The World Premiere
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  • The logo must be constructed on a four- quadrant grid.

  • A minimum of 15 labeled coordinates must be used when constructing your logo.  This will be your pre-image.

  • A minimum of three transformations must be applied to the constructed pre-image.  Identify each image following a transformation properly.


The final image following the series of transformations will be the logo included on the movie website advertising the World Premiere of Transmutant Flobots: Part 2.

Level One: 


Construct a rule to calculate the area of any dilated polygon regardless of the scale factor.  


Level Two:

Design a set of instructions on how to dilate an image with any given scale factor? 

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