No other sector in business has experienced the same growth as the computer and video game industry. Video gaming is extremely popular with children of all ages and the market has been cornered by the tech giant Syclon Industries.  Syclon has made a huge splash in the gaming world with the release of their new console the E5.  Syclon expects the E5 to revolutionize the gaming world and end up on every gamer's wish list.


Terry's Plan: Paragraph 1
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    Terry, a local high school student, was anticipating the arrival of the E5 gaming system for quite some time. Syclon released the console at a selling price of $499. Terry already saved $125 and needed to find a way to come up with the rest of the money.   Terry is a scholar-athlete and with his busy schedule, has no spare time to get a part-time job.  Therefore,  Terry needed to brainstorm to generate an idea .


Terry's Plan: Paragraph 2
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     That is when Terry devised his ingenious plan.  Each day Terry received $2.50 from his parents to purchase a snack to go along with his lunch.  Terry pondered the thought of forgoing his snack for an entire school year and save the money each day.  With his brain in motion, Terry wondered how much he could possibly save.   He grabbed his notebook and began to calculate.


Terry's Plan: Paragraph 3
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How many weeks would it take Terry to save enough money to purchase the E5 gaming system?  


Please make the following assumptions:  

  • 7% sales tax will be applied

  • There are 180 days in a school year

  • 5 days make up one 1 school week


  • If Terry saved from the start of the school year to the end, how much money would he save including the original $125? 

  • Write a linear equation that describes Terry's plan. 

  • Construct a table of values for Terry's plan and graph the relationship.  Identify the slope and the y-intercept.  Is the relationship proportional?  Why or why not?

  • Construct two similar triangles on your coordinate grid to help you identify the slope of the line.  Describe how the triangles are useful to calculate the slope of the line.   

  • How does the slope of the line directly apply to Terry's plan?


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