On the Northside of Zaslohiri, Tretch began to make his move to the Warhammer.  As Tretch found his way to Burrow's ship, he was astonished at the view of the Warhammer.  He underestimated Lord Burrows and the amount of BurrowBots guarding the Warhammer and the sight was flabbergasting.  Tretch knew he would need to garner up reinforcements.    Tretch went back to The Revenant and made contact with the Jaspiobus Council.  The Council without hesitation asked Wiztasma to head to Zaslohiri, to assist Tretch.  Wiztasma, one of the smartest, most feared combatants on Jaspiobus along with her sonic-phasma ban"SHE" freeze blaster was the perfect solution to dealing with the BurrowBots.  


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      Expeditiously, Wiztasma made her way to the Northside of Zaslohiri to meet up with Tretch.  Wiztasma's arrival on the Planet of Zaslohiri, increased the probability of actually recapturing the Kleptonic.  Tretch was excited because the Jaspiobus Council sent their planet's greatest warrior.   Tretch and Wiztasma began their trek to the Warhammer.  The plan now centered around Wiztasma using her sonic-phasma ban "SHE" freeze blaster to debilitate the BurrowBots allowing enough time to access the Warhammer. Wiztasma's blaster could disable the BurrowBots as long the bots were within a:


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        Tretch and Wiztasma inched their way closer to the Warhammer.  Moving forward, Tretch and Wiztasma were picked up on the  BurrowBot's internal tracking system and they quickly surrounded  Tretch and Wiztasma.  The bots circled the duo and were now 0.125 miles away.


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  •  Are the BurrowBots within range for Wiztasma to use her sonic-phasma ban"SHE" freeze blaster to disable the bots?  Explain how you ascertained your solution.  If Wiztasma is not within range, how much closer would she need to be to debilitate the BurrowBots?

  • Construct a diagram illustrating how you determined if Wiztasma was within range to debilitate the BurrowBots. Show all computation utilized and use labels to identify key elements.

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