After Tretch and Wiztama solved the puzzle, the blast door opened and they were one step closer to the Kleptonic.  Tretch and Wiztasma had no idea what was waiting for them when they entered.  As they entered the main chamber, they found Lord Burrows guarding the Kleptonic.  Tretch not only noticed Burrows and the Kleptonic, but he also saw sixteen equilateral triangles spread around on the floor.  All of a sudden there was a cloud of smoke, and Lord Burrows and the Kleptonic were gone but the triangular pieces remained.  As the smoke cleared, a digital timer began to count down and the chamber doors locked.  Lord Burrows set a trap and when the timer expired a deadly poisonous gas would be released.  Without hesitation, Tretch and Wiztasma focused on the triangles on the floor.  Surely, the triangles were a clue and maybe could save the duo and the Kleptonic.  

The Kleptonic Triangle
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Tretch and Wiztasma worked diligently on trying to make the puzzle pieces fit into place.  The twosome collaborated with hopes of not only an escape but also recapturing the Kleptonic.

Evaluate the triangular pieces and put the puzzle together to stop the deadly gas from being released.  Kleptonic Puzzle pieces can be found in a downloadable PDF below.

The Kleptonic Triangle
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