Following the Black Friday extravaganza and the holiday season, you knew that your time as a sales associate was coming to a close and you need employment. You were very skeptical about Teddy's Toy Box hiring you because although your sales were excellent, Teddy the store owner, was not pleased that you could not push more of the Wrath of the Paintball Underground video game off the shelves. Therefore, you decide to explore employment opportunities at the other rival toy stores. You interview at Teddy's Toy Box's rival competitor Toying Around and also at Toy Typhoon, a smaller local toy store.

Which Job Offer?
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Following the interviews, you were pleased to find out that all three toy stores offered you employment. Each toy store offered you a part-time sales associate position, guaranteeing you a minimum of 30 hours per week. Below you will find all three job offers:

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  • Teddy's Toy Box- $300 per week salary plus 20% sales commission.

  • Toying Around- $400 per week salary, plus 10% sales commission.

  • Toy Typhoon- Hourly rate of $15 per hour.


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